Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

February 16 & 17

March 16 & 17

April 27 & 28

May 18 & 19

June 15 & 16 *

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available

About Rocketry Of Central Carolina

Rocketry of Central Carolina (ROCC) is a group of rocketeers in the Charlotte, NC area. We have flown rockets ranging in size from Micro-Max and small 1/4-A powered up to giant M powered. Our current launch site supports motors up to K impulse. If you have an interest in model rocketry activity in central Carolina, please contact us regarding our club.
ROCC is made up from the combination of the Tripoli Rocketry Association's Prefecture #66 and the National Association of Rocketry's section #608.
These are some common questions about us and our hobby. If you have a question that's not answered, please contact us.

Do I have to join a national organization to belong to your club?
No. We do encourage it if you want to pursue the hobby past the "just dabbling" stage because you will gain valuable information and knowledge from the newsletters and magazines that you'd get from membership. Also, if you want to pursue motors above the G-impulse range, you'll need to belong to one of the 2 national organizations for certification endorsement. You can learn more about this process at either www.nar.org or www.tripoli.org. Look for the "High Power Certification" tabs.
What about safety... aren't rockets dangerous?
Our club was founded with several experienced individuals who put safety first and believe very strongly in positive promotion of rocketry. It is the most important aspect of anything we do. We are dedicated to the safe and legal pursuit of the hobby of rocketry. We are also here to promote rocketry and educate fliers and the public regarding safe construction, launch and recovery methods related to the rocketry hobby.
What about supplies? Is there a vendor on site?
At a good number of our launches we have a vendor, Ken Allen from Performance Rocketry, who comes and sets up shop with kits, engines, re loadable motor casings and anything else that folks have ordered from his store and asked to be brought to the launch. His site is www.performancerocketry.com and you can arrange to have items shipped or brought to the next launch. We also have several restaurants and convenience stores in close proximity for snacks or a meal or to just "take a break" from all the fun.
I remember little model rockets from the 60's & 70's, do people still fly those?
If you flew rockets when you were a kid then you're in for a big surprise. While you were growing up, so was hobby rocketry! We have flyers that launch everything from Micro-Max rockets to large, complex multi-stage rockets that reach up to 3,500 feet. Our waiver covers us up to 5,000', but we try to stay at least 500' below this. We've even had some members who have "tickled space" out in the Black Rock dessert!
Are spectators allowed?
Absolutely... and encouraged! There is nothing better than coming out to watch for the first time. You can meet and greet the current members and flyers. See what direction you would like to take in the hobby. Visit the vendors if on site. That's how a lot of folks got back into the hobby. Once you smell the Black powder and AP smoke, you will be hooked.
How can ROCC assist my special group?
Scouts, church groups, home schools and school science teachers, hobby stores, even private corporations have asked ROCC to either give a presentation or demonstration launch at their event or function. We welcome the opportunity to show our stuff. Contact a club officer to see how we can help.
Is flying rockets legal?
Yes, it most defiantly is! Because we are affiliated with the two National Rocketry Organizations, NAR and TRA, we abide by their safety codes. At our launch site in Midland, NC we have a 5000' waiver from the FAA to fly in our airspace. Plus we have the landowners permission, which is key to fly any rockets anywhere.
What are the Membership dues?
Memberships are simple on a yearly basis, We usually kick off the membership drive in the fall with our first launch after the crops are harvested.
  • $5.00 for a junior
  • $10.00 for an adult (18 and older)
  • $15.00 for a family regardless of size.
  • $20.00 will get a Family membership plus a ROCC T-Shirt.
All proceeds fund Club expenses and upkeep on the Launch system.
What are the flyer's fees?
To help defray the costs associated with using the field, we recommended a donation of $8.00-$10.00 per flyer per day. Families with lots of young flyers might consider a $10.00 to $15.00 donation good. We charge this at every launch to help pay the monthly rent to the landowners and also provide a porta-john on site. We understand that if it is your first time, and you would like to just try the club and not feel obligated to pay, that is your choice. We make it donation-based to try and not make it absolutely mandatory. However, if you become a member or just attend on a regular basis we'd like you to support us in all our efforts.
Do you have cool club T-Shirts?
Yes, as a matter of fact, we do! We have the very chic heather-Grey style or the ultra-mod tie-dye versions. All have the small club logo on the front and the large color logo on the back with a 60's sci-fi themed rocket in the middle. ROCC T-Shirts run $13.00 each up to adult XL, 2XL sizes are $15.00.
What launch support equipment do you have?
We have a 24 Pad Launch facility that can launch on rods from 1/8" to 3/4". We also have 1010 rails and one 1515 rail for rockets with buttons or acme rail guides. We have one X-Pad that can handle rockets up to 100lbs, however, the biggest ones to fly safely on our field would probably be in the 20-30 pound range.
When do you launch?
Generally, we launch on the third weekend of each month, with the following weekend as a rain date.
Where is the launch site?
Our main launch site is at Williams farm off of Hwy 601 in Midland, NC (16620 Hopewell Church Rd).Here's a Link to directions and map to the farm. An alternate launch site for summer months looks like it will be at the old Charlotte Steeplechase grounds near the Mint Hill area. Please... check the website (www.rocketrycarolina.org) for the most up to date information.
I've seen something about a high school rocketry contest. Are you involved with that?
Yes, we are! We provide a site for TARC (Team America Rocket Challenge) team flights. We've also sponsored and served as advisors to several teams, including a national winner! Please, call for details.
What about the weather? Can you fly in the rain?
No, we can't fly into clouds or into low visibility situations. This is in compliance with both the rocketry safety code and our FAA waiver. Rain dates are usually on the following weekend if we have extremely bad weather conditions. Again, check the website for up-to-the-minute changes on flight days.
You sound like cool dudes. How do I join?
Start by downloading this membership form and filling it out. Then, return it to us at the address listed, or at one of our launches.