Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

February 16 & 17

March 16 & 17

April 27 & 28

May 18 & 19

June 15 & 16 *

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available


March launch reports...

Roy just sent me the combined launch reports for the regular and the make-up March dates. Please hit the "Read More" link to see the whole thing. Thanks Roy!! dr

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New pix & Videos

Thanks to all who have sent me photos for the site, between here and the FaceBook site we've got lots to see, as well as some new videos on the YouTube page. Enjoy!!



Short Make-Up launch March 23rd.

We're setting up a short make-up day for the TARC folks to finish all their flights, from 1 till 5 PM tomorrow, March 23rd. If you still have some more motors to fly then come on out, the winds will be from the north mostly so we're away from Mr. S. 

See ya there. 



UPDATE - LATE START for launch March 16th & 17th

OK, we've had some discussions with Kip and, because of the late Friday rain, we think it would be good to hold off on the start time for tomorrow, with setup not starting before NOON.

I'll set the NOTAM to run a bit late as well, so we'll still have a good day, but please hold off on starting to arrive until 12. Sunday looks perfect, so normal times will apply for that, 10 AM start and we'll finish up by 6. 

Doc R.


So I don't wanna' jinx it, but as of mid afternoon on Friday we're looking good for the weekend at last. As I look out of the building through our live Sky-Cam on the roof of the CMGC in downtown Charlotte it's looking awfully cloudy still, but the rain guage has received just a trace of rain in the last 4 days so we may be in luck for our first 2-day launch! Unless it lets loose later today we should be OK. 

I will not be available on Saturday (I have to work that day) but Roy and Doug have said they will be in attendence. Anyone else that knows the set-up routine and wants to report to the field to help set up that'd be great. I'm going to set the waiver to open at 10 AM and close it at 6 PM. Set-up I figure should be 9:30 or so, but you can check the FaceBook feed as well for any updates. 

Thanks all, remember to be kind to the runway and don't do anything to make the guys in the CLT tower call my cel phone!

See ya Sunday...  Doc R.



Rain and more rain...

We were trying to see if we could manage a Sunday make-up day on the 10th of March but it looks like it's not in the cards, what with the rain continuing through Friday night and on and off drizzle on Saturday. 

We're still planning on the 16th & 17th weather permitting, so keep your fingers crossed. If anyone feels like sacrificing a bucket of KFC to the rain gods be my guest!



Weather Update for 2/17 as of 5PM Saturday

Looking at the forecasts, TAF's and METAR's for the area it's not looking good for Sunday. I was hoping for some sun and breeze for Saturday afternoon so the field could dry a bit. That didn't happen so it's still a soggy situation out there. 

The TAF for tomorrow has the day starting under a 1,200' ceiling with that dropping to 800' by early afternoon. Rain is prediocted to crank up by 1 PM. Just doesn't look like a rocket flyin' kind of a day. 

Looking ahead to next week it's kind of a rain fest all week, save maybe Monday. At least a 50% chance on each day and some significant accumulation by Thursday, so next weekend is probably not going to be possible either (but we can live in hope of the weather folks being wrong). 

Sorry folks but weather is the one thing we can't fight. 



Launch report from February 3rd make-up launch day. 

Sorry, this has been in my in basket for way too long, but here's Roy's detailed report on the goings-on during our 2/3/19 make-up launch. As always, Thanks Roy!! Just click on that old "read more" link... dr

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Roy's launch report from Jan. 27, 2019

Here's Roy's report on the long-awaited first launch of our 2019 flying season at Kip's farm in Midland, NC on the 27th of Jan. As usual, click that "Read More" link to see the whole thing, and thanks for visiting! dr

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Sunday Feb 3rd make-up day!

ROCC Make-up launch day! We've had a whip-round on the officer's email list and it looks like we will have a fine day for a make-up launch on this Sunday, the 3rd. The Patriots and the Rams don't start until 6:30 so you should be home in time.

Same as last Sunday, let's do set-up at 10 AM, I'll post the waiver to open at 11 and we'll fly till 5 PM. Ken will be available and on site with us again. Posting this on the ROCC site as well. The winds are low and out of the north east to north, so we shouldn't bother you-know-who. Temps are into the 60's!

See ya Sunday!



Saturday's off but Sunday we FLY!

Update for the weekend... I checked the rain gauge at Belk scout camp and got an update from John B. who lives not far from the farm. We got right about an inch or maybe a bit more overnight at the farm. That's a lot of water on top of the massive surplus we've been dealing with. I've also heard from a few other officers, and since since Ken can only be with us on Sunday we are going to err on the side of safety and nix Saturday's launch date (the 26th). This will give the field an extra day to shed the rain and dry up a bit more. Really hate to do it but the officers think it's for the best. See you on Sunday though! It looks like it's going to be a great day.

Because of the freezing temps on Sunday morning PLEASE don't plan on arriving before 10. We'll set the waiver open at 11 and fly till 5 PM. Remember when you're driving in and out go extra slow, try to keep the number of in's & out's to a minimum and tread lightly! Also, you might want to choose footwear that can handle the mud once you go out to retrieve rockets, it'll still be muddy out there off the runway.