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2019 - 2020 ROCC Season (proposed)

November 16 & 17, 2019*

December 14 & 15, 2019

January 18 & 19, 2020

February 15 & 16, 2020

March 14 & 15, 2020

April 18 & 19, 2019

May 16 & 17, 2020

June 20 & 21, 2020

July 18 & 19, 2020*

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available due to crops, etc.

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Sunday January 16 Launch Report

More From Roy Potter.
Welcome and congratulations to all of those who braved the weather for the January rocket launch.

Sunday was much better weather wise. It was mostly sunny, cool to cold, easily tolerable, and less windy, with a calm afternoon, which was good for gliders.

We had 30 listed fliers and 99 flights, missed a even 100 by one flight. Ken, our rocket vender from Performance Hobbies all the way from Wash DC, was back also, conducting business and answering questions about many of the rocket products available.
Our fire pit was ablaze providing warmth for those who were standing around talking shop.

Roy Potter, I had the need for gliders, the conditions were great for gliding so the �Bomark D� flew 4 times on D12�s, once making a runway landing right in front of the sign-in table. The �Mars Probe� flew on C6�s getting a good whistle effect off the whistles sandwiched on the fins and my little �Red Puppy� on A8�s.

Phil Trainor returned with his �Initiator� to fly on G64�s and this time brought out his �Mustang� to fly on a F20.

Jon Kavanaugh, another glider flier, flew the �Flat Kat� which flew last month proving that it was a great glider, flew on a B6, but too good this month, gliding out over the tree line past the creek. I hope it was recovered, it was a great glider. The �Little Kat� glided off a 1/2A3T. The �Eliminator� flew on D12�s and a 2 stg �Nike Smoke� flew on C6 to a B6 then again from a B6 to a B6.

Justin Grossjean returned and flew the �Cloud 9� again on a F20 and G40, the �Blackend� flew on a G64.

Joe Grossjean flew a biggie, the �Shockwave 2� on a H123.

Colin West-Taylor flew a modified �Fat Boy� on a D12 and E9.

Steve Bumgarner had the most flights of 8 with two of them �H��s. His �CC Express� 2 stg, flew on a C11 to a C11, �Boston Blackie� on a G64, �Zombie� on a F39, �Pleiades� on a F21, �Iris� on a D15 and the �Broadsword� on a F52. His high-powered �Silver Bullet� flew on a H165 redline exhibiting a bright red flame, and the large �Fire Hawk� flew on a H238 with the main successfully opening at 500 ft.

Todd Haring flew a �Bull Pup� on a D12 and E9, the Estes �V-2� on a F21, a much better engine than the original E9 it was designed for. A very unusual Sesame Street character rocket. A rocket of the �Bert� figure flew twice. The first flight one of the two F20�s, one in each leg of Bert did not light, so Bert did a loop-de-loop. Second flight, Bert took to the sky on two F20�s returning by chute. A large �Patriot� later flew on a H112 with the main chute deploying at 500 ft.

Bob Bernatchez flew a �Dragon Fly� on a 1/2A3T, the NCR �orbit� on a F24, �Pathfinder� on a D15 and his old NCR �Patriot� on a H165 Red line.

Ralph Roberts got out his old kitchen favorite, �Mr. Pringles� on F20�s, and a �Quarton Flyon� on a 1/4A2T.

David Tomkinson returned to fly the �Pegasus� on a C6, �Ranger� on D12�s, a �D-Region Tomahawk� on a D12, the �Der V-3� on a D12 and �Delta Wedge� on a B6.

Terry Baucom flew a �HV Arcus� on a G40 for it�s 1st flt with the main chute opening at 300 ft. A �Mustang� flew on a E28, a �LOC IV� on a G64, and his biggie flight, the �Tethus� on a H165, also a redline I believe.

The Casy family, Kyle flew a �Unknown� on a C6, and a �ASRAAM� on a C6. Kelly flew a �Sky Writer� o a C6, the �Blue Ninja� on a D12 and the �Patriot� on a C6. Tony flew a �V-2� (the Estes kit?) on a F21.

The Haring sisters got together. Olivia flew a �Fat Girl� on a C6, a �Sky Writer� on a B6, a �US Army� on a B6 and her �Baby Bertha� on a A8. Maddy flew a Quest �Songbird� on a C6 and a �Sky Writer� on a B6.

Young Charlie Woodlief flew his modified �Screamin Meme� Estes whistle rocket kit designed for a �C� engine, on a E30. Couldn�t hear the whistle, it was gone too fast.

Greg Burris flew a �Mini-Mach 12� on a A8 and C6, and the �red Special� on a C6.

John Froeb brought out the �CC Express� 2 stg again to fly on a C11 to a D12, �Cosmic Cobra� on a C6, �Pierce Arrow� on a C6, �Pan Am Shuttle� on a C6, and the �Bull Puppy 3.0� on a G64.

Shawn Froeb flew his �Mach 12� on a B6 and the �Asian Tsunami� on a E9.

Elliott Venker came with his �Red Sock� on a A8, and the upper stage of a �CC Express� on a E9.

Doug Knight, a new member, flew the �Seeker� on a D12, a �Eagle� on a C6, and a Cert one flight of a �Phobos� on a H128 for a successful flight.

Jesse Watkins flew a �Blue Bird� on C6�s.

Connor Deason flew a �Black Brant� on a G64, then a couple of big flights with a larger �Black Brant� on a H165 redline and then a �Nike Smoke� on a I405, WOW!

David Deason flew a �Bull Pup� for a successful Cert Two flight on a J350 (WOW!) with a drogue chute at apogee and main deployment at 500 ft; the altimeter recorded a 1,847 ft altitude. Super well done, and what a sound that �J� can put out.

Jack Evens came with and flew a �LSX� for it�s first flt on a C6, and a �Bull Pup� on a C6 also for it�s first flight.

Jim Evans brought his �Sky Writer� for a flight o a C6.

Garrett Chisum flew the �Grail� for it�s first flights on D12�s.

And the last to sign-in was young �J.P.� unknown, to fly his Estes �Max Trax� on C6�s. This Estes buy and fly features a built-in altitude recorder in the nose.

Sunday was a great day, very calm and comfortable, lots of flights, good fun and with 30 fliers and 99 flights, no one can complain. We burned 104 engines in all.
Mini= 2, A= 5, B= 7, C= 28, D= 21, E= 6, F= 16, G= 9, H= 8, I= 1, J= 1.

Wow, what a day.
Look, I hope everything works out weather wise for February�s launch. We recommend dressing in layers, bring along a thermos, we should have the fire pit out again, with a camp coffee pot for instant coffee. Fire wood donations would be nice, but no longer than 18 in long due to the size of the fire pit.
(No engine casings)

Hope to see you out there, watch for a list of the NAR contest flights.
Take care, and remember to keep those exhaust nozzles clear.