Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

February 16 & 17

March 16 & 17

April 27 & 28

May 18 & 19

June 15 & 16 *

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available

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Rain, Wind, Snow, Frogs... Updated

Update: Yep, as we thought tomorrow is looking pretty dodgy, so we're going to call it a no-go and launch next weekend, the 15th & 16th.

Bring those Christmas shopping lists, Ken should be with us and since he's not at Camden this weekend (they've cancelled as well by the way) he should be well stocked!

Doc R.


Well folks, sorry to post this but Saturday is really looking iffy with the prediction of rain at 90% chance by 1 PM, and then you all know what they're saying about Sunday. 

We're likely going to push back to our regular 15th & 16th launch window, which long range forecasts have it looking fairly decent right now. 

I'll post a confirmation go/no-go later this evening once I hear back from the rest of the officers but it's looking loke a no-go as of 4:30 PM on Friday.