Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

Freedom Launch

Three day Research and Sport Launch. Sod Farm Launch site in Rembert. We will start set up at 11:00 on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday and Monday. Shut down is at dark orwhen flights are done. https://www.facebook.com/events/588529898296481/

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June 15 & 16 *

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available

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April 21 & 22, Part 3

More updates: Weather continues to improve, and the winds forecast has changed for the better. Wunderground has winds out of the SE and E moving down the runway and into the back right as you look down the runway, so we should have good flying for Saturday. 

Saturday night looks to be a slight breeze, 2-3 mph, and staying down the runway so we should be good for a night launch. 

Sunday looks good as well, with the rain holding off until Monday, not much change in winds but a bit more clouds. 

A bit on Night Launch rules:  Please dont go crazy! I will try and get as late as we can but techincally we are not supposed to fly HP after dark. So if you can keep it to FAR-101 I think we'd be safer. I will see what they approve later today. Remember we want it lit well and you might want to rig a beeper if you land in amongst the crops. They're getting fairly tall Ralph says. 

PLEASE check your night flights in with the RSO BEFORE dark so we can get a good look at them. We'll go ahead and pre-approve the flight cards during daylight, this seems to work best for everyone. 

Please bring a flashlight with you, prefferably a red one so you don't blind everybody. 

SET-UP  I spoke with Ralph and since we're going to extend the day late we think that set-up comencing at 10 a.m. is a good idea, so come out then if you can help set up the range. We'll close the range about 5:30 or 6 so we can deal with dinner and get settled for the night launches. 

Campers: Saturday night looks like low to mid 50's so you shouldn't have any issues and Ralph is working on some hot dogs etc., so there may be some food. 

Add'l Friday evening: NOTAMs are in, we seem to be good until 9 PM at least, and then Sunday I set the range to open at 8 AM. 






Updates:  The weather is still looking great for Saturday and Sunday is improving. As of Wednesday night winds for Saturday are toward the southwest, turning through the west then toward the west and on toward the north in late afternoon but dropping down to about 3-5 mph. 

Also, we're under a fire watch apparently, according to the NWS, so sparkies and metal motors probably shouldn't be a thing. 

As far as a night launch I think we'll need to be closer to the date to have a better winds forecast. 

That's all for now, thanks...