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2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

Freedom Launch

Three day Research and Sport Launch. Sod Farm Launch site in Rembert. We will start set up at 11:00 on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday and Monday. Shut down is at dark orwhen flights are done. https://www.facebook.com/events/588529898296481/

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June 15 & 16 *

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available

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Roy's launch report from Jan. 27, 2019

Sunday’s 1  Day Launch, 27 Jan, 2019.

Man, Wow, Jeez louize, Heck Fire.

 It has almost been a full year. The last Official ROCC scheduled Launch was last April. We definitely need a new and better Weather Witch.

Well, today the conditions were good. Three days of sun and dry air were what we needed plus a clear weekend.


Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies,

Ken was here with all his goods and answering a lot of questions about the lack of HP motors and that maybe some new regulations may be involved, and keeping up with all our other needs.


LOST AND FOUND. Check the box for a few nose cones, and a few other odd items.

Michael Strunk was able to pick up his  5 ½ inch up-scaled Fat Boy “Tweedle-Dum” flown on a I212-11 and lost in the trees on the 2 Dec 2017 launch. The Jolly Logic Chute Release was blow dried and powered up and appears fully functional taking a full charge and performed a number of “Test release’s” and holding the charge. The all fiberglass body  was easily wiped clean and the chute cleaned. The wood, cardboard/paper motor mount came out but was weather warped and not salvageable.  With a all fiberglass body and bulkheads, there was no swelling to distort or burst the body which happens to fiberglass bodies with wood mounts and bulkheads. The Pro-38mm motor case was removed and cleaned.


Pictures. Check the Gallery for launch photo’s.    Come on, We see everyone is    taking photo’s.   Lets Get them onto the ROCC Club WEB Gallery.

Just contact Doc Russell at rocketrycarolina@gmail.com, “or” as some have done, pass it on a disk, memory card or flash drive


Sunday, 27 January 2019.

We didn’t want people to arrive before 10am so the ground could thaw out but it turned out that the temperature started out in the upper 30’s and warmed up constantly to the upper 40’s. With sunny skies and open fields it was quite nice overall. It did cloud over about 3:30 and started cooling down but we flew almost to the 5pm flight waiver. And a really nice thing was that there was almost no real wind. We had a couple of unintentional Apogee deployments that landed well inside  the fields. Winds were away from Mr Simpsons all day.

 With the calm conditions 14 of the flights were High Powered “H” motors and above.


We had  17   fliers , put up  66   flights burning  71   engines .

That includes all clusters and multi-stage flights

A= 7,  B= 3,  C= 19,  D= 4,  E= 12,  F= 6,  G= 6,  H= 11,  I= 2,  J= 1,  K= O.


(Remember, what I write is influenced by your penmanship and spelling.


Michael Strunk, after reclaiming his lost upscaled “Fat Boy”, Flew a new unpainted (naked) upscaled “Der Red Max” on a H195-12 with Apogee deployment. His Estes Pro-Series “Leviathan” on a H195-14 also with a Apogee deployment. But as you can expect it was well powered to an extreme height that almost drifted back but made a Simpson back field landing.

Roy Potter. I flew “The Missile” rear-eject on a E9-4. The “Expired Pepsi” tried to ignite a also expired G79-4 that finally lit after chuffing for a short flight with a premature ejection (delay burnt while chuffing on the pad) but did return on a full chute closest to the pad. “Bits-N-Pieces” rear-eject (made from at least 7 parts of other rockets) flew just fine on a newer G79-4. The “Red ARCAS” flew well for a low altitude flight on a F42-4.

Steve Brown, with 8 flights, flew a tiny air drag tumble recovery, “Spiny Thing” on a mini A10. A LOC “Big Nuke” flew on a J420-r, Dual deploy at 475ft. The “Runt” flew on a E18-5. The LOC “Fantom” flew on a I161 with dual deploy at 400ft. A LOC “Sand Hawk” flew on a E18-7, the Estes “Hi-Flyer-XL” flew really high on a E9-8 with a J/L deployment. A Quest “Cobalt” Kato’d on a C6-7 with minimal or no damage.

Duane Dominick flew his gold painted 4in V-2 “Golden Jet” on a H195-6 for a normal flight where his scratch built “Falcon Heavy” flew it’s first flight on a C5-5, just a tad underpowered and eather had no ejection or it ejected after impact. Any damage unkown.

Trent Dominick (Jr) had 6 flights, flying his Estes “Photon Probe” on a C6-5, a Estes “Tweety Bird” helicopter return, twice on C6-7’s. His, mostly 3-D printed “Red Goblin” flew twice on E16-6’s and a Estes “Silver Bullet” on a C6-7.

Mike Nay Flew his rocket “Blue” quite high on a F15-8 with a J/L deployment at 300ft. He then had the first flight of the “Tree Hugger” (named for its year and a half spent up in a tree) (fiberglassed up-scaled Big Daddy?) on a H550-8. His nice looking “Nike Apache sustainer” flew on a H115-12 Sparky.

Prof Doug Knight, while mentoring the Lenoir-Rhyne USLI team, flew his “Tubular Trash” (old veteran at the field) on a OLD AT G33-5 for a perfect flight. His Estes Pro Series “Ascender” flew on a F15-16 with an altimeter just to see how high it went.

Scott Pennington, Had 9 flights. He flew a “Raptor” on a H550-8 with a J/L deployment at 300ft. A really nice “Nike Ajax Hybrid” flew on a F67-6 and his colorful “Old Glory” flew on a H115-7 sparky with a J/L deployment at 400ft.

The nicely done “Thor” flew on a H550-7 with a J/L deployment at 400ft. A long, tall “Harpoon” flew on a E12-4. One off my favorite’s, a “SA-14 Archer” flew on a F47-4. His “Cosmo” flew on a E12-4, a “Black Galaxy” flew on a E12-4 and a “Black Gold” flew on a F15-6.

Gavin Bloomer (Jr) flew a Estes “Cross Fire” on a B6-4 and then C6-3’s and his Estes “Amazon” on a B6-4 and then C6-3’s.

Ralph Roberts flew his old classic “Cosmic Staff of Azul” (you have to be a Monty Python fan) on a G76-6 and a Estes “Patriot” on a C6-5.

Greg Hanson made a L-1 Cert Flight with a PML Public Missiles “Phobos” on a H135-10 Aero Tech single use motor.

The Lenoir-Rhyne NASA USLI Collage Competition team did a test flight of a 1/3rd scale of their Competition Rocket on a G74-6 for a good flight. Then flew the 2/3rd scale version on a I245-med with dual deployment at 600ft. Cargo section, I think is to deploy a separate drone of some sort to a targeted area.

Dan Butcher made a L-1 Cert Flight with a “HARC” on a H198-9. He flew a modified Estes “Rubicon Cluster” with a fantastic Stars and Stripes paint job with a E9-6 between two C6’s but seemed to wire whip and be thrown horizontal over the right field. Damage, if any, unknown. He also flew a really nice “Black Star Voyager” on a E9-6.

Mark Bartkowiak made three flights of his two stage “2X4” on a D12 to a C6-7. It’s painted like bare 2x4 wood looking like a wooden stake. See his pictures on Facebook.

Barb Tobin who has been traveling a lot from NAR to NAR contest rocket meets, did some test flights of her competition designs. “Heli test-1 and 2” on a 1/4A3, “Heli test-3 “ on a A10-4. “Glide test 1 and 2” on a A10-3, a “Altitude test” on a C11-5.  And then for the fun of it flew a Semroc “Swift” on a B6-4.

Doc Russell flew his “Tigger” (has a long history out here) on a H180-8 and his mega upscaled Mosquito “Mossi” on a E12-6 that kato’d without damage. His Estes “QCC Explorer” flew on a D12-5.

Dustin Ray flew a “Black Brant-X, the Scrambler” on a G76-7.


Hope everyone had fun and will be looking forward to our next launch, till then, remember to keep your exhaust nozzles clear and the pointy end up.

Roy. ROCC Sec.