Upcoming Launch Schedule

2019 - 2020 ROCC Season (proposed)

November 16 & 17, 2019*

December 14 & 15, 2019

January 18 & 19, 2020

February 15 & 16, 2020

March 14 & 15, 2020

April 18 & 19, 2019

May 16 & 17, 2020

June 20 & 21, 2020

July 18 & 19, 2020*

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available due to crops, etc.

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November Launch Report, Sunday

Again. Welcome to Part II of the November Post-Rocket Launch Report.
As I said at the end of Saturdays part of the launch report.
Sunday was a great day for flying. The day started off sunny with almost no
wind or breeze at all. As the day progressed high clouds moved over head with
sunshine poking thru (there was a projection for rain to move in that
evening) and then at about 4:30 some light sprinkling came into the area but that
was at the almost end of the flight day anyway. To beat the dark we started
tearing down after the last flight at 4:54 by Terry Baucom. The temperature was
t-shirt weather.
Did I say we had almost no wind at all? We had flights coming back down and
landing right in front of the launch platforms. It would have been the
perfect day to bring out my gliders. I should go ahead and always bring them along
just in case the conditions are so perfect again. You just can never tell
what the conditions will really be until your out there, then it's too late to
go home and get what you want, or should have brought.
We had a much lighter turnout for the Sunday launch, which is usually the
norm. We always have the few that have to work Saturday so can only come out
Sunday, and the few who have no Sunday activities or coordinate for a free
weekend to fly and some spontaneous fliers who just couldn't make it Saturday.
So those who made it out had plenty of prep time and we had a nice leisurely
flight day, no rush, just rack'em' and launch'em. But I have to say; the
conditions were as close to perfect as you could want.
We had 15 actual fliers that put up 53 listed flights and burned 59 engines.
Mini= 1, A= 4, B= 10, C= 15, D= 5, E= 8, F= 9, G= 2, H= 2, I= 2,
Roy Potter, Even helping out at the launch I had plenty of time to get 9
flights up myself. A old "Red Pup" went up on B6's, "Mars Probe" on C6's the "
Polaris" on A8's and my "Pirate Fleet" on a E9 and C6 each. I have a lot
of Estes engines to burn.
Steve Bumgarner flew his "Broad Sword" on a F40, "Grey Matter" on a F39, "
Cherokee-D" on a D12, "CC Express" 2 stager on a C11 to a C11, "Yellow
Jacket" on a E28, "Onyx" on a F20, "Pleiades" on a F39 and the "Silver Bullet"
on a G64.
Phil Trainor returned with his "Initiator for an addition 3 flights for it
on a F52 and F20's.
Ralph Roberts, who spent all day working the launch Saturday, had time to
get one flight up Sunday with his "Sidewinder" on a C6.
Terry Baucom flew his LOC IV" on a G64, and the "Tethus", once on a H165
redline that really put out a brilliant red flame, and again for the last
flight of the day at 4:54 on a H143 smoky sam with a solid smoke trail.
Drew Baucom flew a "Initiator" on a F20, "Sky Writer" on a C6, "Sizzler"
on a A8 and the "Screaming Mimie" on a D12.
Brian Froeb flew that "Mantis" glider that won the glide return duration
contest on a mini A10 and we watched as it just floated on no wind at all. And
his "Navaho" 2 stager on a C6 to a B6.
Vic Duniec flew his neat "Little Joe 2" on C6's, a "AIM-54" on a E15, a "
AA6- ACRID" Russian air-to-air missile on a E15, and a "AGM-88 HARM" missile
on a E15. I said in yesterdays report that he makes all these military
missiles from downloaded plans and home made decals. They really look great. His "
Satellite Interceptor" went up on a C6 and a "AGM-65 Maverick" on a D12.
Brad Duniec flew a "Mercury Redstone" o a C6.
Elizabeth Duniec flew her "Blue Ninja" on a D12, "All American" on a D12
and the "Barbie" on a B6.
John Froeb flew a "Egg Lofter" for practice on a C6 that separated the nose
cone for a field serving of scrambled eggs. The "Barber Pole" an old
Maxi-Alpha painted like a barber pole, went up on a F24 and the ejection was so
strong that the nose jerked hard enough that the bottom was broke free allowing
it to separate. He then flew a "Bull Puppy 3.0" for a certification flight
but the engine is unknown, as it was not filled in on the flight card. Shame,
shame. You volunteer for tree duty next month.
David Deason, who made the new , heavier and more durable blast deflectors
for the low power pads, continued as the Rocket God Sacrifice, his "V-2" flew
well on a F21, but found that the engine mount had pushed itself up into the
tail. Then his second Level 2 attempt with a "Stretched Pterodactyl" on a
J330, blew out the Exhaust nozzle after clearing the rail sustaining damage
just from the short fall. But repairable for next month.
Bob Schoner swung by to pick up some items he ordered and flew a odd shaped
pyramid shaped object with scimitar shaped edges, called the "Scimitar" on a
E15 that spins upward and a spinning tumble recovery. It is actually quite
small, but with the terrific drag to the design, it takes a E15 to get it up.
Conner Deason flew a big "Nike Smoke" on a I600 redline that was colorful
and LOUD. I think that it also landed right in front of its launch rail. It
went straight up and almost straight back down again. The "Deuces Wild" went
up on B6's and C6's and the "Storm Caster" on a E30 again, and with the calm
air, just come right back down to the launch line.
Sean Froeb flew a "Baby Bertha" on a B6.
All we can say is that it was a beautiful day to fly. The conditions were
almost perfect.
I can't think of much else to say for now, other than be ready for next
month, December the 18th and 19th. Think ahead and plan out hat you want to fly
and dress comfortable in layers. The open area of the fields can act like a
solar collector and be warmer than you think, or downright cold if it's
overcast or there is cold wind blowing. But we have launched with snow on the ground
and did real well. You check out some of the northern clubs and see pictures
of them flying in fields of snow. If the northern Yankees can do it, we
should be able to do it. I guess it would make it easier to find a colorful
rocket on a field of white.
ROCC club membership renewal drive will be in effect, $5 for a Junior, $10
for adults and $15 for a family, or the ROCC special, a $20 membership plus a
ROCC club T-shirt. The T-shirts go for $13 by themselves.
Also, we need to meet the landowner's site fee, so please, if you're a
small flier, drop something in, if you're a big flier, please drop a bigger
OK, thats all for now. Hope to see you all out there next month. There will
probably be Santa gifts with a kids and adult drawing so come on out.
And remember, keep those exhaust nozzles clear.