Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

Sorry, the Midland field is closed for the season due to crops. 

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics.


April 22 & 23 Launch Report

Unfortunately weather conspired against us in April, with high winds on Saturday and a day full of Rain canceling Sunday. Roy couldn't make it out so I'll take a stab at doing the launch report. Remember, if you have photos that you want me to post in the gallery send them over to: rocketrycarolina (at) gmail (dot) com.

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April 22 & 23 Launch - Update 2

Update Saturday evening:  Weather forecast for Sunday is calling for rain starting over night, Sunday launch is scrubbed.

April 22 & 23 Launch - Update

At this point the weather only looks good for Saturday. Because of the crop growth, we won't have the option of pushing back a week in hopes of better weather. So we will go with whatever the weather allows which at this point looks like Saturday only. The night launch, and Saturday night camp out are cancelled unless the weather forecast changes. This could easily happen so stay tuned for updates.

Saturday Ralph will be doing his BBQ, roughly 24 pounds of it. Let me give you some advice, don't miss out on it!!!

You can camp out Friday night if you want, just let me know if you are planning on doing that.

Again, the weather can easily change so please stay tuned for updates during the week.




Space-X has a sense of humor

I watched the first re-launch of Space-X hardware the other day with great admiration, but heard something go by in the commentary that I just had to do some more research on. The 2 drone recovery ships are named the  "Just Read the Instructions" and the "Of Course I Still Love You"!

Here's a LINK to the Wikipedia article. 





March 25th launch report

Check out the latest news on all things ROCC from our launch on the 25th. Thanks Roy!!

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Sunday March 26 scrubbed

Due to weather outlook for Sunday the launch has been scrubbed for Sunday the 26th. We will try to get another day in if possible between now and our regular April launch.

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March 18th & 19th Launch has been rescheduled for March 25th & 26th

March 18th & 19th Launch has been rescheduled for March 25th & 26th because of weather. Hopefully next weekend will allow two good days of launching rockets!


February 2017 launch report

What a beautiful weekend for February. There were shorts and flip-flops out and T-shirts were the norm! We got a bit of rain on Saturday afternoon but what a wonderful launch! Glad to see so many folks that have been absent too long and get a chance to catch up. Here's Roy with all the 311 (do folks still say that?) dr

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"New Revised" Rules for Retrieving Rockets from Mr. Simpson's Property.

"New Revised" Rules for Retrieving Rockets from Mr. Simpson's Property.

We had a misunderstanding this afternoon that requires the rules to be changed slightly.

1. Park in Mr Simpson's driveway, go no further in your car. You cannot under any circumstance drive into is backyard property.

2. If your rocket lands on Mr Simpson's property you must take a club officer with you to retrieve your rocket. Club Officers would be Roy, Doc, Jason, Charlie, Ralph, and me. We have only one small gate that Mr Simpson wants us to use. I will work with all of the club officers to make sure they all know which gate to utilize.

3. Under no circumstances are you allowed to jump his fence to retrieve your rocket. NO EXCEPTIONS! If its on the Simpson side of the fence, see Rules 1 and 2.

Again, no exception to these rules!!! I will continue to work with Mr Simpson and hoping we can improve the situation over time.

February 18 & 19 Launch


* Also if you arrive before 9:30am you may be asked to move your vehicle to allow the field to be set up. My suggestion, if you arrive early don't set up your pit area until the field has been set up.

When: February 18 & 19, 2017

Where: The Williams Farm. See Web Site for directions if you are new.

Set Up: Volunteers show up at 9:30 am to help setup.

Launch Start: As soon as set-up is complete.

Launch Ends: Approximately 4ish PM so we have some light to close by.

Ken Allen, with Performance Hobbies is scheduled to be at the farm.

No Food so bring your own!

Any pictures you take from any recent or upcoming launch that you would like to get posted on the web site for our embarrassment and your entertainment, just contact Doc Russell at: rocketrycarolina@gmail.com. (Remember to make the appropriate substitutions... we don't like spam bots!) Or, as some have done, pass it on a disk or flash drive. We can always get it back to you. We are continuing with our Range Safety standards by making specific assignments:

RSO/ LCO = Range Safety Officer to pre-inspect rockets before flights

combined with the Launch Control Officer to check range conditions and control the launch’s in a timely and efficient manner. Check both the WEB site and at the launch for info on volunteering. It’s great for anybody who isn’t flying that day but wants to take part anyway. It’s fun to push the little red button.

ROCC Club Memberships. Memberships run Jan to Jan with the drive starting in Oct for the new coming year. Onsite: See our Membership Officer Jason Pettler. For MAIL-IN: See the web site for downloadable membership forms and e-mail address.

This just in from Roy Potter.....  Please remember that the much delayed/postponed ROCC Rocket Raffle will be held with the intent to raffle away all the rockets we have accumulated so far.

Drawings will be held throughout the weekend every few hours, and also note that all tickets previously sold last month were saved and are included in the drawing box's.

Just $1 a ticket, 6 tickets for $5 & $10 for 12 tickets. (BTW, if you're really interested & flush with cash, the same formula works for $20, $50, $100...   just sayin'!! - dr)



Our (late) January 2017 launch report 

Our much rain delayed January launch finally got underway on the last weekend of the month, with a lot going on. We had many flyers, some nice weather for late January, the SLI teams from 2 different higher institutions and first contact with the TARC team from out in Monroe, NC I believe. Lots happening! Here's Roy to tell you all about it...

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