Upcoming Launch Schedule

2014 - 2015 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

20 & 21 December

1 January 2015 -- Happy New Year!

17 & 18 January

21 & 22 February

21 & 22 March

18 & 19 April -- Camp Out!!

May & June dates TBD

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics.


It'll be here before ya know it... Freedom Launch!!

Just a reminder about the upcoming Freedom Launch, in Orangeburg, SC this Labor Day weekend!

(This is the Chimera, flying on 3 H399's from Freedom Launch 2013)

Saturday & Sunday are sport days, Monday is typically a TRA research day. You'll see some amazing flights and get to hang with some truly wonderful folks...

Get Building!



4H Outreach went well... Thanks!

I just wanted to extend a thank you to Amanda Roberts and Sandy Houston for helping out with the 4H club outreach launch on Tuesday evening. 

I got a lovely note from Heidi and Jodi about how much everyone enjoyed themselves and expressing their interest in coming out to the farm in the fall. 


The kids loved it and we only lost one rocket. Of course we had to run the horses out of the pasture before we could set up!! If you see the horse-drawn carriges downtown, this is the farm they live on!

Thanks to all.... I hope we can do it again!  dr



Roy called me this morning with a tip to a story in Sunday's Charlotte Observer... that the UNCC Rocketry Team, who came out to the farm several times to do their testing, had a successful flight out in the salt flats of Utah and has won first place in the NASA compitition, beating out 30 other teams!

Link to the article is HERE




Farm Closed For The Season

Unfortunately, the farm is closed until the fall. With all the limitations at the field right now, it makes it pretty much impossible to have a launch.

Good news is we have the SCIPower launch in Orangeburg coming up quickly.

More good news, November will be here before you know it!

More from Doc...  I just wanted to add some links to area clubs if you're looking for other places to fly...

As well as Sci-Power in Orangeburg, SEVRA in VA is having Beach Blast over the 4th of July holidays as well. More info is HERE

NOT 14/15th, 21st & 22nd, my bad...

Well I'm not sure how we got this far into the seson and everyone (including me) missed that I had the date wrong in the schedule, and it's really supposed to be the 21st & 22nd.

That said, Ralph has spoken with Kip Tuesday night and the crop situation sounds like it's fairly dire, with only a small portion of the space usable, and that's right up near the house.

We're going to try and decide if it's worth doing an LP launch, given the small area we'd have to work with.

Please stay tuned...



June 14th-15th

We're not sure about this weekend's proposed launch due to the crop situation... we're trying to get an update from Ralph & Kip.

Thanks, keep an eye out for an update.



Short notice, but May 31st launch in VA

This, from former ROCC member Bob Schomer:

"Hi Ralph, Mike, Giovanni and Chuck,

 I am not as plugged in to the VA/NC rocketry community as I would like to be and I would like to invite you to a launch this coming weekend.  Originally this was planned as a 2 day Tripoli Commercial launch, but I'm not sure we have the numbers to justify a two day launch, but I am willing to do that if it make a difference to fliers coming from farther away.

 Our launch site is a good size with waivers to 9,000 AGL.  I would strongly recommend dual deployment for anything over 4K and need to have the right conditions for anything over about 6k.  Wildman VA Kevin Dunn will be there on Saturday and preorders are encouraged.  The field is decent, with hills and a fair amount of flat ground with a good size clearing of about 3,000 by 4,000 feet with only about 5% trees and then about 30-60% trees further out.  There is the New river to the south about 4,000 feet away from our main launch site.

 If anyone has any questions about our launch site or our launch you can refer them to our website (nrvr.org) or send them my email address.  Our hopes are to have monthly launches throughout the year.  We are also looking at a potential site that's almost 1 mile by 3/4 mile with no trees and is flat as a pool table near Wytheville VA, but that won't happen for a while still.


 Bob Schoner

TRA #143, New River Valley Rocketry "

So, if you're icthin' to fly and want a pleasant drive up into VA, then head on up!  dr



April launch spectacular...  report

Or is it the spectacular April launch spectacular report... I can't say, but here it is. We may have lost the May launch due to the wheat crops, but to tide you over for a bit here's Roy's report on the April launch festivities, and boy, it was a doozy! dr

Click to read more ...


May Launch Cancelled

Just got an update from Ralph/Kip, grain is heading out, meaning we can't fly till it is done. So it's possible we might be able to launch in June. Please keep checking back for updates.




ISS HD Earth View up and running on Ustream

OK, imagine that you're NASA, and every time you want to put a camera into space you have to get it custom made at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet today, off-the-shelf HD cameras are available that might do the job for just hundreds, or maybe thousands of dollars, orders of magnitude cheaper. 

That's what the new HD Earth Viewing experiment, delivered to the ISS just a few weeks ago on the last Dragon supply mission, aims to test. Can a consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) camera survive and thrive against the harshness of the space environment. There's 4 cameras, from manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, and Hitachi, enclosed in a box with a camera facing in all 4 directions. There's some more details on NASA's site HERE, a great info graphic HERE, and more info HERE on Universe Today.

You can watch it live, 24-7, on Ustream at this LINK.

It's also a great way to unwind by the way, and you really get a sense of just how fast traveling at 18,000 mph really is.