Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

Midland 2019 launch schedule (proposed)

February 16 & 17

March 16 & 17

April 27 & 28

May 18 & 19

June 15 & 16 *

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics. Also visit us on FaceBook. 

* If field is available


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...


Sunday March 4th's launch window is a GO, with diminishing winds as the afternoon progresses. We plan to set up at 11 am, Range open by Noon. 

Ken is up in Culpepper, VA so he probably woin't be with us. He'll be at the regular ROCC launch on the 3rd weekend. 

The wind direction is from the North - North-East, blowing toward the South to South-West, so Simpson's fields shouldn't be a problem. There are trees to the south however, so plan accordingly. It's predicted to be around 8-10 mph at noon, lowering to 5-6 mph by 5 pm. We'll run the launch window as late as we can and have flyers for. 




A tale of 2 Saturdays... Part 2, the UPDATE

Part 2 of the saga...  after much hand-wringing (and thank you to the couple of folks that wrote in to help) between Ken, Ralph, myself and Kip we've decided to try for a make-up launch on March 3rd.

It has a very good forecast right now, with similar temps but winds that are at least predicted to be going away from where we don't want to go. Ken may be able to make it depending on weather in Culpepper VA, and we'll hope for the best. Keep your fingers crossed!!






Well, here's what we know right now folks... Saturday the 24th has very little chance of rain BUT 10+ mph winds heading from SW to NE and right towards Mr. Simpson's. We really don't think a whole lot of flying would be going on. 

Saturday the 3rd of March has essentially zero chance of rain right now but winds are going towards the south east field near the hog pond, predicted roughly the same level. 

We're trying to figure it out...  more later, as soon as we can.



February 18th Launch Report

Roy's here with his wrap-up of all things "rocket-ey" on the 18th of this month, please click the "read more" link below. dr

Click to read more ...


Possible 1-day make-up launch on weekend of 24th & 25th

Big thanks to everyone who came out to fly with us today, the weather couldn't have been much nicer for mid February! (I'm thinking about you Scott!)

We're going to look at the weather for next weekend and see if we can get in a make-up day launch either Saturday or Sunday. Among others, the LRC USLI team needs to get in a re-flight before the end of February to prepare for their trip to NASA Huntsville for their big flight. They had a rapid disassembly of a portion of their vehicle today that they need to work through.

Keep your eyes on the site and/or the ROCC FB feed for more info later this week. 




No launch on the 17th, We'll fly on Sunday the 18th

UPDATE Friday evening: As of Friday evening the weather forecast for Saturday is 80% chance of rain and showers most of the day. 

Sunday looks to be lovely, so we'll fly on Sunday the 18th. 

Plan on arriving about 10:30, we'll get set up and fly by 11:30. That ought to give the field a bit of a chance to drain off if we get what they're predicting. 



SpaceX has obtained a license to launch on Tuesday, 2/6

The first Falcon Heavy launch could happen on Tuesday, Feb 6th, if SpaceX is ready to go. In this story from Space.com it looks likely that the massive rocket will lift off on or about that date. 

If successful it will become the most powerful heavy-lift launch vehicle in current operation in the world, capable of lifting some 26,700 Kg to earth orbit. 

I'm planning on trying to watch, that's for sure!



Launch Reports for 1/21 & 1/27

Roy's gone in to his tent and deciphered all of our flight card hieroglyphics to produce the launch reports for January 2018. Please, click the "read more" link to get all the mysterious details... dr

Click to read more ...


We're GO for Saturday Jan. 27th make-up launch.

We're GO for the 27th make-up day launch this Saturday. Temps are high about 60 degrees, about 10% chance of rain and winds fairly calm at up to 6 MPH from SSE. , I doubt we'd be able to get Sunday in, it's pushing 80% chance of rain. 

Let's try and set up between 9:30 and 10, flying by 10:30. Ken wil be on site. 



We're a GO for Sunday the 21st, but with cautions...

Ralph & Kip met out at the farm Saturday afternoon and we seem to be in a bit better shape than we were expecting, with some important notes...

Set-up time crew figure on arriving at 10 AM, flying by 11 AM. Range closeure by 5 PM so we can pack up. 

Driving:  Between the gravel in the front and the porta-potty, particularly in the middle of the runway, is pretty squishy. Please stay as far left or right as you can esecially near this area. 

Also, let's try and limit the number of trips back and forth...  please figure on staying put once you get there rather than a bunch of in and out trips, that'll help keep the runway from getting torn up. 

It's supposed to be a beautiful day for January, but out in the fields there's still some snow and it will be pretty soggy in the low spots so wear good footwear and watch out walking around, it's liable to be muddy in spots. 

Ken from Performance Hobbies WILL be there.

Simpson cautions...  if you drift onto Mr. Simpson's you must take one of the officers with you to go retrieve, and you must actually speak with him before you can go into the fence enclosure and get your rocket. (As for me, I'm going to try to not need to go there really hard! Word to the wise...)

On that note, winds are supposed to be 3-5mph from the west to south west.

Thanks all...  dr




Saturday's looking soggy, but HOPEFULLY a Sunday January 21st Launch

UPDATE Friday evening... 

Not a lot has changed, you go squish squish squish if you walk across the runway, no way we can allow cars on it right now. Ralph & Kip are going to speak about 3 tomorrow (Sat.) and see where we are, how much melting and evaporation has happened and if the site can accomodate us. Right now we need a day of really good sunshine and a night that doesn't refreeze the ground so the water can evaporate off.

If we get good conditions then we'll go for Sunday, if not we'll recycle a week and try for the 26th & 27th as a 2-day launch which would suit folkks, particullarly those who drive good distances and especially Ken, much better than having a 1-day.

Truly this is the part of rocketry that sucks, we're going to have a beautiful weekend and we can't use it.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed and we'll see what happens. 



Right now, as beautiful as Saturday is supposed to be, the field is probably not going to be in any condition to fly. There's still snow everywhere and we're concerned about tearing up the runway. As of Thursday evening if the snow melts and we get a good day Saturday we should be able to have a Sunday launch. Still need to check in with Kip but keep your fingers crossed!