Upcoming Launch Schedule

2014 - 2015 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

15 & 16 November

20 & 21 December

1 January 2015 -- Happy New Year!

17 & 18 January

21 & 22 February

21 & 22 March

18 & 19 April -- Camp Out!!

May & June dates TBD

Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics.


Build session Meeting 8/26 @ 12:00 Noon

Everyone: Our August meeting and building session will be at Doc Russells' office/warehouse located at 645 Pressley Road, suite G. This is off South Tryon st. just north of the Woodlawn Rd./Billy Graham intersection. If you head up Pressley rd. from South Tryon, you'll pass over I-77, then there will be a sharp rt. hand bend in the road. At the bend, on the left, there is a sign for Pressley Park. We're in the middle of the second long building in the park. Here's a link to a map/photo that'll help. We will start at 12:00pm with "meet and greet" and setup of the swap meet, with the first build session at 12:30pm. Official ROCC Meeting at 1:00pm. With more Build sessions after. Based on the interest of the attendees, we will adapt our build sessions from there. Noted build sessions will include making tubes and nose cones, contest models, altimeter bays, parachutes. I would encourage all to attend, as we can discuss items in a more controlled environment than at a launch. Any questions, call or email Ralph Roberts roccprez@bellsouth.net or 704-560-0147. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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Launch Update

Everyone: I have had better response to scheduling a build session/meeting to next weekend. So lets plan on the event at Doc's warehouse (Doc will provide a map and directions) next Saturday. I am thinking from 12:00-3:00, will nail down times in the next post. There will be no activities this weekend Aug 19th and 20th. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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TRA/NAR vs ATF update

Everyone: There was a hearing this week to see if the ATF is complying with the courts to get their testing done to prove that APCP should reside on the explosive list. They did comply and have had the Air Force Labs conduct these test. Unfortunately it will take them time to compile the results so that means another delay. A new hearing is scheduled for Oct. So, until then we are still under the same restrictions, nothing has changed. Check out the TRA and NAR sites for the Joint Statement. Note, Bob Schoner (Former ROCC prefect) was at the hearing representing TRA. You the man Bob! Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC President and Prefect.

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Get together at Ralph's tomorrow for buidling session (July 22nd)

Everyone: I am willing to take time to host a little workshop/information sharing tomorrow at my house from 12:00 - 2:00. I have had a couple express interest is week. I have small workshop and lots of shade in the backyard. I am off The Plaza, 6 blocks out from Eastway Drive at 620 Aintree Rd., 3rd house up on the right, Brick house with yellow trim. You see my green Toyota truck in the driveway. Note: we are painting indoors so the house is a mess with limited space. I'll have a cooler available but it will be BYOB. Those interested in dropping by give me a call at 704-568-1070 tonight or in the morning. Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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No Locust Launch This Weekend

Everyone: I got in touch with Locust city hall only to find out James has been in the hospital and will be out of work for another week, week and a half. So, on that note, is there any interest in a ROCC meeting to talk about building or taking L2 test. My focus is going to try and run down Steve Herring to find out about the big field off of Hwy 601. Note: The August Orangeburg Launch is going to do a NAR competition and it would be a chance to show our skills, anyone interested? I'll try to find out if it would be OK to attend and fly mono y mono. I'll let you know. Would like to know what NAR members would be interested in attending. See there contest at www.tripolisc.org Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez PS Steve or Ted Thomas contact me and let me know how to get up with you. 704-568-1070. Ted, you know Steve through the RC Cars.

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Status this weekend, not good

Everyone: I must apologize for dropping the ball this week. Work has been awful, I have not had any time to finalize the details for the Locust site. I will try tomorrow to talk to James Inman to see what our options are. However, I don't think we will have enough time to be ready for this weekend. As soon as I have word I will contact Steve to pursue NAR Insurance and notify the masses. Sorry for the let down, I'll try to do better, thanks Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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The Mooresville Sod Farm opportunity is a NO GO

Everyone: Brent was unable to get permission from the owners of the Sod Farm property up in Mooresville. In an email Wednesday, he noted that we should pursue our other options. So, on that note, I am going to get with James Inman, the City Manager of Locust, NC and try to set up something for our July date at the Locust City Park (Behind the Elementary School). We have preliminary permission, I just want to get all the details worked out. The field is small, I am thinking D and under power. I'll try to get an aerial photo ASAP. Launch times will be between 3:00pm to 7:00pm There is another location south of Monroe,NC that we are looking at. It has potential, however, we have to get the ball rolling to contact the landowners. We will keep you posted. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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Clarification about Oranburg Research Launch Days

Received this message from Tom Henderson, the prefect of Tripoli South Carolina: Just to clarify one point... The 2nd and 3rd are, indeed, Research rule launch days. However, under the latest rule revisions, if you are a TRA L2 or 3 flyer (not NAR, sorry), you can also fly commercial motors on those days! This means that those two days are not restricted exclusively to EX motors anymore. If you have not attended a Research (previously "EX") launch before because you couldn't fly on those days, this has now been corrected. From what my sources tell me, there may be quite a few "M's" and "??" ;~) Hope to see you there! Tom Henderson Prefect - Tripoli South Carolina _trh@charter.net_ (mailto:trh@charter.net)

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No ROCC Launch or meetings this month

Everyone: Brent Johnson has worked hard to finalize our deal with the SOD Farm owners, however, due to slow response to our request and the fact that Brent will be unavailable to attend a launch this weekend we are going to abandon our effort for this month on the Mooresville site. We hope to have everything in the works by July. Also, I have had no contact from anyone regarding a building session for this month either. So since it is Father's Day weekend we will postpone till next month. Enjoy your weekend, buy Dad some rockets. Again, Orangeburg's SKIPOWER launch JULY 1st, 2nd and 3rd is expected to be pretty big according to Oburg's Prefect. Remember, Saturday will be a Sport launch with the other two being EX only motors. So, plan on Saturday only. Go to their site to get details. I plan on attending Saturday and Sunday. Any questions contact Ralph at RoccPrez at bellsouth dot net Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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Launch Options for this Summer

Everyone: Field status: Option A - Mooresville,NC (Near the DEI Race shop) As of June 9th we are still working on trying to get permission for a field near Mooresville, NC. Brent Johnson from Hobbytown, USA (Mooresville) has been working on this for our and his benefit. Due to his vacation schedule and request from the landowner that he be present at the launch(s) we will not be able to fly by next weekend. We will keep pursuing this field for the July and later launches. Option B - Locust, NC - Locust Elementary School and Park Long time member Julius Burris has been talking with James Inman (Locust city manager) about using the fields behind the school (Only large enough for D and under) We have permission to fly there, however, there is still some cleared wooded area that still needs some cleanup. Due to the fact we are close on the Mooresville site, I would like to wait at least one month to see what happens. Option C - Hwy 601 South for Monroe, NC Steve Herring - Please contact me - 704-568-1070, I did not get your number at the last launch to discuss that field you saw. Option D - Morganton,NC Vic Welland has said we could fly up there, however, it is a long way away, if we cannot workout the other sites we will pursue this one. Alternative Launches June 10th and 11th - Orangeburg, SC - They are having a two day NAR sport launch. July 1st, 2nd, 3rd - Orangeburg, SC - Saturday Sport launch. Sunday and Monday EX motors only (Level 2 only). Billed as an alternate to LDRS, the SKIPOWER launch will be a good opportunity to see some big rockets fly. Go to Tripoli SC's site for more details. Greenville, SC NAR group - I emailed Neal Montgomery and got a response back from Alan McNeer saying they still are flying the 4th weekend of the month, however, they are faced with losing there field to an apartment building. Bob B. thought it would be good if we could schedule a NAR contest with them. I will keep working on this as well. Meeting and Building sessions In the past, during the summer months, we have had a general summer meeting as well as a building session to pass along tips and information for Low, Medium, and High Power construction and flying in a indoor session. David Deason has agreed to host a session if folks would like. His business is out off of Independence near I-485. As you can see, we have not given up on flying during the summer, it just takes time to get these things done. Brad Shea and a few others have done some great ground work to get some fields, however, they don't always work out. As Ken would say, "The Grain is our Pain." If we did not have to fight the crops life would be a lot easier. So please give me your feedback on a build/meeting session and we will work something out. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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