Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

MAKE-UP Day, March 3rd

March 17th & 18th

April 21st & 22nd

May 19th & 20th

June 16th & 17th

July 21st & 22nd **

* Tentative, if crops are out in time

** Tentative, if the field is still available

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics.


July Post Launch Report

Saturday July 19th � Williams Farm What a good day�. considering. Our surprise one-day July launch came as a surprise for the ROCC members. Ralph consulted the ROCC officers and Kip Williams about a launch due to the Northeasterly winds forecast from Tropical Storm Christobal that form off the Georgia coast Thursday. As the storm moved along the coast it kept our winds out of the Northeast all day allowing recovery into the South and Southwest side of the field, which had soybeans that were just coming up. Our day started with a setup of the pads just into the South field near the small tree on the left hand side of the Runway. New flier Bill Kent and his daughter, Steven Ayers assisted in the launch set-up, thanks guys and gal. We had a total of 6 fliers and three guest, our guest included the President of the RC model club in Midland and a Charlotte Police helicopter pilot and his wife. Gary Pfister and Bill Kent were new, hopefully potential members, and looked to have a great time. It was a very relaxed launch due to the heat and small turnout, however, it gave us time to share ideas and just talk some shop.

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SURPRISE - July 1-day Launch is on - Thanks to our Tropical System

Everyone: ROCC Launch - Saturday July 19th 10:00-3:00. (Launch name - Rocketeers of the Corn 08) Due to an updated forecast of this tropical system moving up the coast over the weekend. We will have North / NorthEasterly winds that would make the rocket recovery over the South side of Williams Farm. We could do some 3.3 lb and under launches but limiting altitude due to trees beyond our field. Note the Soybeans are about 6" to 8" tall, so bring your streamers. Kip was OK with this decision. Now remember there will be no recovery attempts made into the corn if a rocket strays. Also, No porta-potty, no time to arrange it. It will be HOT, bring lots of water and sunscreen, shade tents if you got em. Call Ralph for more information. 704-560-0147.

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Our Planet discussion - on the ROCC Group about July meeting

Everyone: We have a discussion started in our ROCC Group on Our Planet about the July Meeting. Feel free to join our discussion. Brad is the moderator of the site and can approve you joining if not already a member. If you trouble just email me at roccprez@bellsouth.net . To join the discussion click here Thanks, Ralph

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No July Launch - Anyone up for a meeting?

Everyone: Well it is July 16th and it�s been a peaceful month and a half off for me except for a quick trip to Oburg last weekend for the TRA Research launch. The winter and spring launch season has been a good one especially with the culmination coming at NSL 2008 in Orangeburg Memorial day weekend. Our club was well represented and we did such a good job volunteering on an individual level that we earned an honorable mentioned as unofficial volunteers for the event. It was really great to see Trip Barber mention ROCC as part of the volunteer group that hosted the launch. Burl was so appreciative to us that he will be calling on us to help with another big event in the future. So, on that note I have several orders of business we need to address going into the slow summer months. No more launches at the farm until Fall. Crop update for Williams Farm: As you know Kip had Barley in the South fields this spring and all that has been harvested and cleaned up as good as it gets, the soybeans have been planted in the South field and they are up a good 6 inches or so now. The soybeans generally are not harvested until November so that is our expected return date to the farm. The corn on the other hand is doing well and growing fast in the North fields. Hopefully, and say a prayer they have a good crop of corn this year. Kip�s cost to plant the crops have doubled this year so it is more important than ever to get a good yield. If all goes as plan the corn will come out in October. Read on for Meeting Items and Meeting/Launch Options

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Freedom Launch

Hey folks... I've just been looking at the ICBM site and Tom Henderson is starting to post about the upcoming Freedom Launch on August 30, 31 & Sept. 1st. He's looking for help on range duties just like the NSL weekend. Saturday and Sunday are sport days, Monday the 1st is a research day. Pop on over to tripolisc.org and check it out. I can say from previous outings that it's great fun. DR

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Planning Ahead

I was thinking about what was said at a great evening session at the NSL hotel by Gary Daughtry about the up coming Shuttle missions and their scheduled dates. I went over to the NASA page and here's the latest mission schedule. LINK

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Cool PIX

Well I hope everyone had a safe but great Independence day. I was looking for something to post here and Astronomy Picture of the Day came through with a beauty this morning! Check it out HERE This was taken in Austrailia to celebrate Austrailia Day, with fireworks, comet McNaught, and a ripping lightning storm. Ain't nature grand? APOD is a great site to visit, with a lovely photo every day to help learn about our universe. DR

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Rockets Magazine has their NSL 2008 pictures up.


Reminder: Discovery Series "When We Left Earth"

Doc wanted everybody to remember that the Discovery Channel series about the American space program continues tonight at 9pm (EDT). We watched the first two episodes last Sunday, and they looked great. Those of you with Discovery in High Def please tune in and enjoy it for those of us stuck with standard def!

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June Launch - Cancelled

Everyone: UPDATE - Talked to Kip and Terry Baucom today. Kip began harvesting today but as a result the field is extremely dry and has a lot of debris from the harvesting setting on top of the stalks, it is drier than anticipated. Terry deemed the fire threat as too risky to fly plus the forecast for the extremely hot weather weighed into making the decision. So, after polling the club officers and a few others we have decided to cancel the launch this month. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez

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