Upcoming Launch Schedule

2017 - 2018 ROCC Season

All launches are at the Midland, NC site unless otherwise stated.

April 21st & 22nd

May 19th & 20th

June 16th & 17th

July 21st & 22nd **

* Tentative, if crops are out in time

** Tentative, if the field is still available

 Set-up starts at about 9:00, launches commence about 10:00. Field closes about 30 min. before dusk so we can clean up. Watch the site front page for specifics.


TRA Election deadline extended - Now Aug 22nd

Everyone: Ken Good ask that the prefect forward the following to the "The TRA followers". So here you go. The Ballet deadline is now Aug 22nd, please vote. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC President

TRA Members: The TRA Board of Directors is aware that some members are experiencing a delay in receiving the Election Issue of the "Tripoli Report" (Volume 19 Number 2, June 2008). It is stated on the voting ballots included with the issue that the due date for the receipt of member ballots by TRA Election Committee Chairman Guy Soucy is August 8, 2008. Since this leaves little turnaround time for those members who are experiencing the delay, the TRA Board and Election Committee have agreed to extend the ballot due date to August 22, 2008. When members receive their TR issues, they are advised to give immediate attention to reviewing the candidates' resumes, and mailing ballots ASAP. As final note, if any member receives their ballot too late to be mailed, but will be attending LDRS 27 at Argonia, Kansas, they may bring their ballot to LDRS, and submit it as soon as possible to any TRA Director present at the event. If any such ballots are received, a special committee will be formed to tally these ballots and add them to the totals that will be supplied by Guy Soucy, to announce results at the members' dinner on August 30, 2008. Ken Good TRA President

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August ROCC get-together - UPDATED DETAILS

Just an update on our August get-together... I'm aiming for it to get started about 1:00 pm, we've got chairs & a couple of tables available, and the air conditioning works great. So, here's the deal. While we're still at the old studio location, 645-G Pressley Rd. in Charlotte, near Woodlawn and So. Tryon St., we're going to have a meeting there on Saturday, August 16th, at 1:00 pm. Bring your favorite beverage and anything you want to work on and come on by. UPDATED (BY Ralph Roberts) Here are additional details: -Brad will supply a dial-in number so that you may join by phone if you would like to listen in - Phone Conference style - Available to ROCC members only for now. Go to our Group on Our Planet for details. -I will have the Rockets Magazine NSL 2008 DVD playing on an Proxima video projector on Doc's largest wall. See rockets full size. This thing will almost put HD TV's to shame. - About 1:15PM will have a half hour meeting to discuss club buisness. One key item is to discuss the Freedom Launch duty roster. Same deal as NSL Launch work two 2-hour shifts and get a crew T-shirt. I have the current duty-roster with me. Also, need to discuss Pre-orderering any HPR motors for the launch. Plus pick-ups at our magazine prior to our trip down to Freedom Launch. - After the general meeting we will break out into smaller groups based on power level and do any Q and A sessions. I plan to bring two rockets I am repairing to show how I make major repairs. These sessions are free discussions; if we stray too far off topic, someone will may need to speak up to wrangle us back in. Note: Also, in the past we have brought extra kits, parts, motors, general stuff to have a "SWAP MEET" with. So this would be a good chance for to empty your shop and do some trading. Note: I have a bad cold & cough so I may not do a lot of talking so I'll let others speak up today. Here's a map to our shop... LINK (If you zoom in on the photo you can just see my big blue van parked in front of the studio, in the center of the middle building!) If you get turned around, my CEL number is 704-574-0510 See you there! DR

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Rockets Magazine - NSL 2008 Video Review

Everyone: I just received my Rockets Magazine NSL 2008 DVD yesterday, and I gotta say it is a "Must Have". Features lots of ROCC flyers with interviews and spectacular shots and even thousands of photos are included. Now, being old school, this is my first DVD of a Rocket Event I've purchased. I have lots of VCR tapes of launches going back to the mid 90s . The DVD quality far outweighs those old tapes including 5.1 surround sound, super slow-mo rocket liftoffs, cool video editing of on board rocket video, cool music, etc. Some really good stuff that is probably on all of Bob's videos. The really cool thing is that Mark Canepa got his Carolina Nike on the cover of the box. Just go to Rockets Magazine and order yours today, it only took three days to get it. Ralph "You finally see one of my rockets fly on the video" Roberts ROCC Prez and Prefect

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So you're bored with L3...

My wife found this LINK from a magazine that we both love, MAKE-zine. It's devoted to folks who like to build things, see how they work, hack the world to their own needs. Well, they had an article about the Rocket Mavericks, a group of folks who seem to think like Dr. Seuss did, that there's life on beyond the letter Z! They get together out in the middle of nowhere (the Black Rock desert) and send things into the stratosphere! Check 'em out... and start dreaming BIG! dr

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Hobbytown USA - Monroe - Is Open this week; Grand Opening Sat. Aug. 2nd.

****Update**** Everyone: They are currently open this week and they will have their official Grand Opening Saturday Aug 2nd. First reports from folks is that he is well stocked with Estes and Aerotech stock. Store Information: Hobbytown USA - Monroe Address: Dickerson Village Shopping Center 1730 Dickerson Blvd., Suites B&C Monroe, NC 28110 Phone:(704) 238-8696 Basically, Dickerson runs between Hwy 74 and Old Charlotte Hwy just before Hwy 601, see Mapquest map I would like for any of our members who can to go by and man a table with Club and Rocketry Information I will deliver to the store today. I would like for our club to support Steve and his family in this venture as he is a former club member dating back 10 years. Plus, the fact that he will be the closest hobby store to the Williams Farm launch site. Please contact me if you can help out at rocketralph@bellsouth.net. Brad will also be helping coordinate folks for Saturday so email him if you can go by. Thanks, Ralph Roberts ROCC Prez and Prefect.

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TRA Contest and Records Committee Announcement

Everyone: Ken Good (TRA Prez) ask that I pass this onto the TRA Members ASAP. I felt this was the fastest way to spread the word. If any of you are interested, I am sure the new committee would love the help. Thanks, Ralph ROCC Prez and Prefect. TRA Contest and Records Committee Announcement One challenge facing Tom is that, up until the present, he has been a committee of one person. At the same time, Tom�s personal, business, and rocketry commitments were increasing greatly, and he expressed to me his concerns about continuing on as chairman of C&R, especially as important revision work was at hand (as those who know him will not be surprised to learn, his main concern was that he did not want to let TRA down at an important time). Accordingly, Tom has asked to step down as chairman at this time, but would also like to be engaged with the committee as it proceeds from here.

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July Post Launch Report

Saturday July 19th � Williams Farm What a good day�. considering. Our surprise one-day July launch came as a surprise for the ROCC members. Ralph consulted the ROCC officers and Kip Williams about a launch due to the Northeasterly winds forecast from Tropical Storm Christobal that form off the Georgia coast Thursday. As the storm moved along the coast it kept our winds out of the Northeast all day allowing recovery into the South and Southwest side of the field, which had soybeans that were just coming up. Our day started with a setup of the pads just into the South field near the small tree on the left hand side of the Runway. New flier Bill Kent and his daughter, Steven Ayers assisted in the launch set-up, thanks guys and gal. We had a total of 6 fliers and three guest, our guest included the President of the RC model club in Midland and a Charlotte Police helicopter pilot and his wife. Gary Pfister and Bill Kent were new, hopefully potential members, and looked to have a great time. It was a very relaxed launch due to the heat and small turnout, however, it gave us time to share ideas and just talk some shop.

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SURPRISE - July 1-day Launch is on - Thanks to our Tropical System

Everyone: ROCC Launch - Saturday July 19th 10:00-3:00. (Launch name - Rocketeers of the Corn 08) Due to an updated forecast of this tropical system moving up the coast over the weekend. We will have North / NorthEasterly winds that would make the rocket recovery over the South side of Williams Farm. We could do some 3.3 lb and under launches but limiting altitude due to trees beyond our field. Note the Soybeans are about 6" to 8" tall, so bring your streamers. Kip was OK with this decision. Now remember there will be no recovery attempts made into the corn if a rocket strays. Also, No porta-potty, no time to arrange it. It will be HOT, bring lots of water and sunscreen, shade tents if you got em. Call Ralph for more information. 704-560-0147.

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Our Planet discussion - on the ROCC Group about July meeting

Everyone: We have a discussion started in our ROCC Group on Our Planet about the July Meeting. Feel free to join our discussion. Brad is the moderator of the site and can approve you joining if not already a member. If you trouble just email me at roccprez@bellsouth.net . To join the discussion click here Thanks, Ralph

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No July Launch - Anyone up for a meeting?

Everyone: Well it is July 16th and it�s been a peaceful month and a half off for me except for a quick trip to Oburg last weekend for the TRA Research launch. The winter and spring launch season has been a good one especially with the culmination coming at NSL 2008 in Orangeburg Memorial day weekend. Our club was well represented and we did such a good job volunteering on an individual level that we earned an honorable mentioned as unofficial volunteers for the event. It was really great to see Trip Barber mention ROCC as part of the volunteer group that hosted the launch. Burl was so appreciative to us that he will be calling on us to help with another big event in the future. So, on that note I have several orders of business we need to address going into the slow summer months. No more launches at the farm until Fall. Crop update for Williams Farm: As you know Kip had Barley in the South fields this spring and all that has been harvested and cleaned up as good as it gets, the soybeans have been planted in the South field and they are up a good 6 inches or so now. The soybeans generally are not harvested until November so that is our expected return date to the farm. The corn on the other hand is doing well and growing fast in the North fields. Hopefully, and say a prayer they have a good crop of corn this year. Kip�s cost to plant the crops have doubled this year so it is more important than ever to get a good yield. If all goes as plan the corn will come out in October. Read on for Meeting Items and Meeting/Launch Options

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